FAQ – Coronavirus (COVID-19)

In uncertain times, please find below a list of the common questions you may have regarding your membership with us.

What happens to my membership payments?

**Effective 21st March 2020, your membership payments have now been automatically frozen until your club reopens. ** This means your next direct debit payment on/around 1st April 2020 will not be taken, nor any subsequent payments until your club is reopened to the public. As you have already paid your March membership fee upfront, the remaining days in March will be deducted from your first payment when your club reopens. If the club reopens mid-month, a further pro-rata deduction will also be made.

When will my club reopen?

We are following strict guidelines from Public Health England and the Government. While we hope to be open again as soon as possible, we fully support the social distancing measure that have been implemented.

How can I stay active while my club is closed?

In order to ensure you can still maintain the best fitness levels from home, we have attained a free 60 day trial of Les Mills ONDEMAND™ exclusively for our members. These platform will give you access to over 800 of Les Mills best workouts including BodyPump™, BodyCombat™, BodyAttack™, BodyBalance™, Sh’Bam™ and many more. The platform is ideal for home training, and you will get a free 60 day trial to get used to the platform, if you wish to continue after 60 days you will pay a reduced price of £7.94 per month (usually £11.99) however you can cancel at any time. Click this link to find out more and start LesMills ONDEMAND today: http://link.lesmillsondemand.com/SHdm

If I freeze my membership, can I unfreeze it early?

The enforced membership freeze will only last as long as the governments forced closures of our facilities. You will not be able to unfreeze your membership early however as your club will remain closed.

Can I extend my membership freeze for longer?

Yes, you have the option to extend your membership freeze for up to a maximum of 6 months within a 12-month period. this can be completed by calling the membership administration team.

In light of everything going on, can I cancel with immediate effect?

The contractual notice period for your membership is still required in line with the terms and conditions accepted when joining.

Will this impact my minimum term if I have only just joined?

The minimum term will be extended by how many months you are freezing for, any payments due on the membership will continue once the freeze period has elapsed.

I hire a locker with you please can I come and collect my belongings?

Following strict Government guidelines our facilities our now entirely closed to the public. We apologise for any inconvenience caused.

I pay for an upfront 12 month membership, what does membership freeze mean for me?

As you have already paid for 12 month in advance, we will be extending your renewal date by the number of days our clubs are closed for, meaning you will not miss out on any of the fitness time you have paid for.