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We wanted to answer some of our member’s most frequent questions regarding our recent acquisition of many of the DW Fitness Clubs around the UK. Please refer to our club directory to see which clubs we have acquired.

I have a DW Membership, will I need to do anything?

No, all the contracts of our members acquired from DW fitness have had their membership transferred over to us automatically. You do not need to do anything to continue using your fitness club as usual. We will take your first membership payment on or after 1st October 2020.

Will my membership price be changing?

No, we have no immediate plans to change membership prices at our newly acquired DW Fitness clubs. Any changes in membership price would also require a minimum of one month’s notice.

What changes will you be making to my DW Fitness club in the short term?

In the short term, members will be delighted to know we have extended DW Fitness operating hours to 6am – 10pm (Mon – Thu), 6am – 9pm (Fri), 8am – 4pm (Sat & Sun).

I want to Freeze my membership.

If you wish to freeze you membership, you’ll be pleased to know that now as an Everlast Fitness Clubs member you are eligible for a free, 3 month free during the uncertainty of the Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic. You can request this any anytime by clicking here.

Can I now access multiple sites?

In the short term, while we integrate DW Fitness sites with our existing Everlast Fitness Clubs sites, members will not be able to visit each other’s clubs. However we will shortly be able to offer this service, allowing our members’* access to every club in their price tier or lower. We will also be delighted to offer all our members the opportunity to upgrade their membership to gain access to even more clubs. You can view our club tiers here.

*Multi-site access only available on the ALL-INCLUSIVE and FIT-X membership types.

As a DW Fitness member, do I need to amend my direct debit?

No, please do make any amendments to your direct debit as this will be done automatically. Amending your direct debit yourself will result in losing access to your club.

What terms and conditions now apply for my membership?

Your membership terms will remain unchanged from those you agreed to at the point when you first joined DW Fitness. Only if you agree to a new membership with us (for example by upgrading your membership or transferring your home club) then the standard Everlast Fitness Clubs terms and conditions would then apply.